People Thoughts on Pride

Happy Pride Month Lovelies….

Being LGBTQ+ is their own choice ,none is forced. People should understand and respect our feelings.

Especially in India we are discriminated for being what we are,they fight against us saying it illegal. But they don’t fight with real burning issues , child abuse, rape,Sexual Harassment, Honor killings which happening across India, fight for this many lives will be saved across. Save Women

For us Gender had love and dress. We care for people and repect society .


That’s it for now…



Virtual Friendship…

How are you people.. Hope you had a great weekend…

I have been meeting many people through Instagram. People talk to us when they need and not when we need them to be with us..

Ironically virtually life is more stressed out.. it’s better to be with few friends in real..

Please don’t stress much on virtual friends, only fewer people are there who cares..

Planning to quit Instagram in phases



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