Making Friends…

Its always pleasure to know that people are open to accept me what i am with out judging ,  many thanks  who come always in support of me when required  can’t name their identity

Last Saturday been to BIBA showroom in Bangalore it was amazing experience, got one kurtha for my self..

I know how that goes as we all have to deal with that when we are living double lives

do drop me your queries if you like to know

thanks lovelies for your time


Hard Times..

Guys hope you had an Amazing festival time with your family and Friends…

I had good time with friends.. just wanted to let you know how social media plays pivotal role these days in each ones of our life…

We are humans too not Alien..

I have been In social media for past couple years where I faced lot of stress humiliation for what I am. Recently My Instagram account was Suspended for a day where in I was said my profile doesn’t meet community standards ..

Recently couple of my friends who used to talk me blocked me .I know it’s their privacy I respect it, I would have been happy if they told me the reason..

Hope People Understand what I am and not judge me according to their thoughts..

Take care

Confession ….

it has been quite long as i have not posted any thing related to me

its tough to be a cross dresser ..though many girls wont like or accept a Cross dresser as their friend  really hard time. I do have  girls as friends on Instagram who do support me. still i see a vacuum in life which bothers

As Indian its toughest to come out as what i feel , thanks to open minded people who accept me what i am ,i really appreciate your genuine support and  few people who never let me down .

Now #Instagram is bothering me these days with their  algorithms , my posts are not able to reach to many followers..

i know its tough but still searching for ray hope to find a girl

Thanks for reading my post