Happy National Lipstick Day….

“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.”

This lipstick quote from Elizabeth Taylor reminds us that fixing yourself up with a coat of lipstick can turn your entire attitude around. Just think of it as a tube of attitude adjustment.


Goof Up…

Dressing Up is not easy thing it takes a lot of time to look perfect and for me till today am newbie in makeup. Still looking for girl who can make me look prettier.

When i wanted try to dress-up it was really hard to choose what to try.Women had many choices than men. Really afraid to shop online for lingerie,didnt have the idea of sizes embrassing though. Orders a wrong size from online and quite afraid to return it back because of the identity.

Taboo of Being Cross dresser

I Had Many friends when blogging,my page was blooming. when i,revaled whati am , many felt that it’s taboo of Being Cross dresser epsically in Asia countries.. it’s too hard convince the people and let to know what it means, lost many contacts, only few girls who know what it mean still in touch and support me what am.. Am human being too..

Next up My First Dress up Goof.😊

My Journey As a

Hi All,

Let me Introduce myself. Am Straight Cross dresser residing in India.

IT All Started a couple of years back when i was actively blog and writing contents for IT Blogs, randomly i was checking whats most trending blogs i saw beauty and fashion ..it made curious to know about fashion and beauty blogs , though i did have a blog which got deleted ,i was actively writing contents to others  to make content more interestingly we should feel it .. My journey started with Nails which i was obsessed really feel its a tough job to girls to make the nails perfect (acrylic).

It Continued as as my passion towards and i started exploring in to women’s fashion which is an ocean 🙂 ..

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